Saturday, 16 November 2013

Diary report of being in India, october 25th and 26th

Diary 25.10.2013 and 26.10.2013, Luis

Today was the last day of our trip to India. After everybody finished packing and having breakfast we left the hostel at 9:30. From the hostel the whole group moved with the bus to the Indian gate. There we had 1 hour time to see it. This building is a big bow and a symbol of India like the Brandenburger Tor is for Germany. It was an awful building but the time we spent there was a bit too long for me. At 10:45 we left the Indian Gate to the kingdom of dreams. We drove round about 1 hour to reach there. In the kingdom of dreams we first eat burger as a snack and after that group of about four people had the chance to buy souvenirs and stuff like that. The whole building was very big and beautiful. The facade was very detailed and the entry was gorgeous. There were a few elephants which were like 2 meters high. After shopping we eat dinner at a restaurant in this building. The meal was kind of simple but tasty. After dinner we were visiting a 5d cinema. It was a short film in 3d and the chairs were moving and water comes in front of us. It was like the 5d cinema in Sangrur. The quality of the film was pretty bad and the effects were overall not that good but it was a bit fun. All in all we were like 5 hour in this building. For me a bit too long but it was good for buying souvenirs. At 16:20 we left the kingdom of dreams and drove to a very big shopping mall in Delhi. There we had time to go shopping again. In this building there were only branded shops like Adidas and electronic stuff like Sony and so on. This shopping mall was on of the biggest in Asia. At 9:30 we met again for dinner. The group ate pizza. We left at round about half past 11. After that we drove to the airport for the check in. The farewell was very emotional on both sides. After saying goodbye the Germans went into the airport and waited there till 3 am for the check in. at 6:00 the flight started to Istanbul. From Istanbul the flight started at 11:00 to Bremen. We landed there at 3:00. In the end the entire trip to India was exhausting and exiting. And most of the German students were lucky to be in Germany again. But it was an interesting event in my live.     


Diary report of being in India, october 24th

Daily Report of the 24 of October, Tim
The day starts with a small breakfast at the hostel. Then we went to a museum. This showed how Nehru has lived in earlier times. Then we went to a planetarium and watched a film about the development of the earth. For lunch we had some chiabatti with some sauces. Then we visited a temple, called Akshardham. The style and the variety of the ornaments have been very impressive. In the dinner hall we had lunch and went back to our hostel after everyone has finished.

Diary report of being in India, october 23th

Daily report of the 23 th October 2013, Sophie

Today we left our hotel in Jaipur and started in towards Agra, where we wanted to visit the world- famous Taj Mahal. The distance between the both cities is very long, so that we had to adapt us to a long bus journey. Because we checked extra early out of our hotel, many students were very tired and so they slept as a start. Other students played cards, read a book, listened to music or talked with the people, which sat beside one. After a seven hours long bus journey we reached a restaurant, where we got our lunch. We sat in the beautiful garden of the restaurant and were very anxious to the food. And then we were very happy because there was so tasty food like in Germany. The lunch was consisted of noodles with vegetables, potato wedges, a salad, bread and rice certainly.  After we ate very much, we went back to our bus and carried on. Our destination the Taj Mahal wasn’t so far away and finally we reached the bus park and drived with little vehicles on. The vehicles stopped just before the Taj Mahal. Once were controlled, we could visit the Taj Mahal. We had 1.30 hours time to the sightseeing and everyone were fascinated by the building. Everybody took a lot of pictures and everyone were surprised at the size and prettiness. It was a unforgettable experience. Then we went back to our bus and drove direction New Delhi our last finish. Before we arrived our hostel in Dehli, we drove again very long with the bus. After this bus journey we reached our hostel in the dead of night. Everybody was very tired and wanted to sleep. Our teachers divided us in our rooms and then we collapsed into bed.

Daily Report, october 23th, Falk SudmannWe began our day at 8 o'clock with a delicious breakfast at our hotel in Jaipur. Shortly after, at 9 o'clock we boarded the bus to start our journey to Agra, where we should see the Taj Mahal. During the Journey, when most Germans tried to get some rest, the Indians played a card game. Later then, we had lunch at some hotel on the route. After we finished eating, we continued our journey. The remaining part was quiet and comfortable, and at around 3 o'clock pm we reached the Taj Mahal. After we drove there in some taxi-like things, a pupil had to deposit some of his belongings outside, because they weren't allowed in the area of the building. Passing the security, we were allowed to explore the historical monument all by ourselves, what was very exciting. We didn't have to stand in queues  too much because we had the convenient high class tickets. Again, many visitors tried to make photos of the german students, because of the rarity of their skin colour in India. Everyone had a lot of fun at the Taj Mahal, that offered its great history along with its incredible architecture. Sadly, there was only enough time to visit the main building, the grave, so we didn't get to visit the mosques. It was still an enjoyable trip. At 5:40 pm we got back to the bus, to travel to New Delhi, during the night. The tour was quiet and comfortable. We got our rest.